Who are the men and women of Waterman?

Henry Dam - Waterman in beeld werken bij waterman

In this section, we will introduce you to one of our employees through several questions. Why are we doing this? We are proud of our team. With our passion, thorough knowledge, and experience, we jointly ensure that we supply the highest possible quality onions: The Waterman Onion.

We want to introduce you to operator and manager Henry Dam. De Ensenaar has been working at Waterman since 2016. Starting with a zero-hour contract, in addition to his position at the Salvation Army as a job coach, the 47-year-old has been working full-time at the company since 2017. It can undoubtedly be called a significant change, working as a job coach at first and now in the onions.  However, Henry finds the human aspect the most important in his position. “Especially as a manager, I still think training is one of the best things to do. On the other hand, I also like that this work is so result-oriented. When you’re done, you’re done.”

Long-term foster care

The day and evening shifts alternate weekly; “It is precisely this variety that ensures that I can make a good combination with family life.” Henry and his wife have four children living at home, one of whom is a foster child. “Not attaching to a child is almost impossible, which is why we opted for long-term foster care.” Henry explains a very conscious choice; “The wish my significant other and I have always had is to provide a good home situation.” And despite the difference his family has already made for the foster children who were placed in their care in recent years, the desire for meaning is still great. “We would prefer to set up a family home in the Randstad in the future, to be able to offer young people, children and parents a protected place.”

In addition to his family and plans, the running virus that reigns at Waterman has also struck Henry. “I don’t like running. But I do. Every Sunday evening, I go for a walk with a friend so we can talk through the week.” What does Henry like? “Vintage cars. I now have a Volvo 140 series, with 2 million on the clock.” That the Volvo has never left it standing is quite an achievement if you have heard the car driving. “I used to have a Volvo 144 series in grey with a red interior; I regret selling it.”

What Waterman Onions can learn from his experience coaching a wide range of people is: “At Waterman, you can make a difference by being involved. By involving people even more in the organisation and furtherly optimizing StoPro (fully automatic track-and-trace), the energy now being put into control and registration can be used in the people on the floor.”

Would you like to join our team as a machine operator? Then apply here for our opening. Or call, mail or app Klaske for more information: +31 6 53 56 87 78, klaske@waterman-onions.nl.