Wim’s market update

Waterman Onions 25 kilo bags - Export December 2021

In this column, we give the floor to Wim Waterman. Familiar with all the ins and outs of the onion market, Wim gives a short update on what strikes him in the market. This week Wim talks about the export of the coming second half of the season.

“The quality varies, as I mentioned earlier.” Still, Wim is happy with the harvest conditions. “At least it gives the onions a nice colour.” The storage quality is still a cause for concern, so germination tests are therefore also a must.” Seeking advice from various specialists is consequently recommended by Wim.

“This season, we have had a small lead since the end of August compared to previous seasons.” According to Wim, the logical consequence that the season started early, with associated rising prices, is that the decline began earlier. “The publication of the CBS figures indicates that more onions are available than initially estimated. The mood that followed the publication of Statistics Netherlands and the European harvest estimate figures is now showing its effect: namely pressure on the price.”

European export

Wim Waterman market update onions november 2021

The lead with which the Netherlands has entered this season is shrinking from now on, but Wim still sees plenty of opportunities: “We were able to process and export the extra volume. Because we were able to harvest earlier than average. There are still plenty of export destinations. Only the price is lower.” According to Wim, the fact that the export figures could have been many times higher this year has nothing to do with the onions: “Export is highly dependent on the logistical obstacles. If the logistics had been well organised, the export could have been unlimited.”

Now that the first part of the season is almost over, with the associated dependence on overseas exports, sales within Europe will play a more significant role in the second half. “The low prices do have the advantage that we can now compete within Europe. Theoretically, this would mean that more onions can go to Eastern Europe, and then there is more room in the rest of Europe to sell the larger sizes.”

Of course, the second half of the season is subject to any Corona measures, which could hinder the catering and foodservice industry.