The reason we should eat more onions…

Think about your favourite dishes to cook and all of your recipe books. How many of them use onions? Exactly. A LOT of dishes. And with good reason. In addition to the fact that onions add flavour, there are so many other reasons to keep onions in your kitchen.

Some time ago, the newspaper AD published an article listing many of them, but we’ve known all about it for a long time. And now you do too 😉

  1. An onion adds plenty of healthy flavour.
    Many amateur chefs (people like you and I) flavour their dishes with salt, pepper, and the occasional hot spices. That may taste great, but it’s not always healthy. Onions, on the other hand, are natural flavour bombs that add a mild spicy bite to your food. And at only 45 kilocalories per portion, they contain almost no fat and serve us a source of vitamin C.
  2. Onions are good for your heart.
    Onions contain no cholesterol, which can increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes. Several studies have also shown that eating an onion can help prevent blood clots from forming, which in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  3. Onions contain beneficial bacteria.
    The presence of a prebiotic fibre, called inulin, in onions can help to maintain the level of ‘good bacteria’ in the intestines. As a study conducted by King’s College in London in 2018 showed, the bacteria use the fibre as a form of food.
  4. Onions regulate the blood sugar level.
    This health aspect of the onion requires some more research, but initial tests show that onions can lower high blood sugar levels. This may be due to the sulphur in the onions stimulating the production of insulin.
  5. Onions are just delicious. Period.