We are part of the Waterman team

The two brothers, Stefan and Wouter Ros, wanted a nice job with good earnings. It should not be too far from their hometown of Ens and they also wanted to learn something. And preferable not a job in a restaurant or a supermarket. It seemed an impossible mission, until they both started working at Waterman Onions.

ICT student Wouter (19): “A friend of mine already worked here and asked if it was something for me. A sweeping job didn’t sound very appealing, but when he explained what the job was all about, I wanted to give it a try. That was almost two years ago.”

Forklift drivers’ team
Wouter has been promoted and now works in the team of forklift drivers. His job as a sweeper was filled by brother Stefan (17). He, like his brother, is following an ICT study at the University of Zwolle: “When Wouter was allowed to become a forklift driver, his job became vacant. He was super enthusiastic, so I didn’t have to think twice and applied for the position.”

Both of them agree that Waterman is a good boss and they are planning to stay for a while. “It doesn’t matter that we are students at all, we are part of the Waterman team,” says Stefan. “Just like everyone else, we also have plenty of opportunities to grow. For example, I have now been trained as an operator and in this role, I am responsible for keeping a machine running. My work really matters and that makes it extra nice to work here.”

Wouter adds: “Not many side jobs give you opportunities to grow and learn. I found it very cool when I was allowed to do the training to become a forklift driver. Waterman invests in their people, student or not and we get responsibility for certain things. We are 100% team members.”

Beer and soda
Working at Waterman is not only fun, it also creates a bond. Wouter: “The colleagues have become friends. After work we also see each other a lot and we drink a beer together on Saturday evenings. Or a soda, of course. For Stefan…”