Competition for employee recruitment

‘Are you 17+, looking for work and available in December? Then join us at Waterman!’ This was the call we sent out in our social media campaign over the last few weeks. We made a video for the campaign featuring a number of young Waterman colleagues, with the aim of attracting more young colleagues. We’re often looking for enthusiastic, temporary employees, particularly around holiday periods. The first information evening was held on Friday 4 December. There was a fun programme planned, during which the winner of the share & win campaign was announced. But most importantly, the young people also have a great job!

We will make this a recurring event during every holiday period, as that’s when we particularly need extra employees.

In the spotlight: India

India has been in the news more and more often in recent years, due to its impact on the world market. The Indian Government has imposed an export ban on onions starting on 14 September. Consumer prices were rising sharply on the Indian market, so the government decided to immediately implement the export ban in order to keep onions affordable for the local population.

Onions are an extremely important ingredient in Indian cuisine, which is why the government does not allow consumer prices to go up too much. This is the second time that India has imposed an export ban. The first time was in 2019, following a period of heavy rains that resulted in disappointing yields. India produces about 22 million tonnes of onions per year, but consumes about 15 million tonnes itself. The rest is exported to surrounding countries.

There are three harvest periods in India:
Kharif – harvested in October-December
late Kharif – harvested in October-December
Rabi – harvested in March-May. This is the most important harvest, accounting for 70% of total production, and is also for storage.

Neighbouring countries Bangladesh, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are the largest buyers of Indian onions and therefore feel the effects of an export ban directly. This represents great opportunities for Dutch onions.

Sales season up and running at

‘After a successful start last year, we are going to launch a more extensive product range this year,’ says Nathan Rommens, Purchaser at Waterman Onions. ‘Only the very best varieties are selected. Waterman Onions wants top quality so that Dutch onions can continue to excel around the world.’

A grower from the far north is happy with the new cooperation: ‘The greatest benefit for me is the convenience. The seeds are delivered quickly and the service and quality are good. This online shop offers us a fair price as growers. I wholeheartedly support this initiative, and that’s why I buy from’

Nathan: ‘Receiving this kind of feedback is wonderful. We are proud and happy to be part of the chain and thus contribute to even greater quality in Dutch onions. Participating in this extra branch makes Waterman Onions an all-round party, enabling collaboration in many areas. We’re a party with knowledge of the entire chain, inside and out. We stand for knowledge, expertise and quality. In short, ‘we know our onions’! Our operations are completely transparent, and our prices are competitive. Last but not least, growers receive access to our broad network.’

Transparency in the market and a fair price for every grower is what has to offer. We’re committed to collaboration, and offer you the use of our network.
More information by contacting Jelmer Elzinga (+31 6-82537293) and Nathan Rommens (+31 6-30002712).