Waterman in the picture: George Rijneveld

In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to George Rijneveld. As the department’s team leader, which processes all incoming onions for Waterman.

Jelmer’s cultivation update

Jelmer discusses the developments of onion sets and seed onions in the Netherlands this month now that the cultivation season is at its end.

Wim’s markt update: New harvest

This month Wim discusses the transition from the old to the new crop. “There have been years when we could run the old and new harvest side by side, with a good destination for all onions.

Plant onions and onions sets in the Netherlands

Jelmer discusses the developments of planting and seed onions in the Netherlands. Fewer plant onions were grown this year.

Mechatronics internship at Waterman

A Mechatronics internship at Waterman Onions? That is possible, Daan Rietman tells about his experience and his final assignment.

Grower in the picture: Heidemans brothers

Farmer Jacob Heidemans: “We are seeing a high increase in onion fly damage this year, unfortunately..”

Wim Waterman: “The weather makes the market unpredictable.”

This month Wim Waterman discusses the influence of the drought in the new growing season on current market prices.

BioQrops – Organic Excellence

Poppe Agriculture and Waterman Onions have joined forces and started the fully organic BioQrops together.

Cultivation season 2022: “Weed control seems quite a challenge this year.”

The 2022 cultivation season has gotten off to a tumultuous start. Buyer Jelmer Elzinga talks about onion cultivation in the Netherlands.

Who are the men and women of Waterman?

We want to introduce you to 23-year-old manager Remco Venema. Remco started at Waterman Onions two years ago as a machine operator.