George RijneveldThis section will introduce you to one of our employees through several questions. Why are we doing this? We are proud of our team. With our passion, thorough knowledge, and experience, we jointly ensure that we supply the highest possible quality onions: The Waterman Onion.

In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to George Rijneveld. As the department’s team leader, which processes all incoming onions for Waterman. No onion enters the hold without George and his team processing the load.

Transport planning

“I did not aspire to have a higher position and had already retired for five years. But after a few years, my wife and I were ready for a bit more of a challenge. I am not very good at sitting on my hands, and my wife also wanted to return to work. So, I started as a forklift driver at Waterman.” When George was asked to become the team leader of the transport and receiving department, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. “The job became available, and when Waterman indicated that they would like to see me in this position, I wanted to help the company.” George states: “Since a short period also have trucks under our management and good relationships with transporters. That is a nice challenge for me. Now, I can work more proactively instead of reactively.”

Within George’s current position, he is also responsible for the transport-planning, which must connect seamlessly with the sorting planning so that everyone can pack the onions at the correct times according to the customer’s wishes. “It is busy during the off-land period. Fortunately, I have a good team of guys who want to work hard and drive the forklift to make them happy. So, I could go on for another ten years if my health allows it.”


The same dedication that George offers to “his boys” on the forklift, he also provides to his grandchildren. On weekends, he can be found supporting his grandchildren on the football field. “Being a grandfather is a different sport than being a father, and I am happy to be able to fill this role for my grandchildren.”

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