Mechatronica stage - Daan RietmanInterns are always very welcome at Waterman. Why? Because we like to share our knowledge and give people a chance, but mainly because young people have an open mind and do not (yet) see bears on the roads. They can learn from us, that’s for sure. But we learn a lot from them above all…

The same goes for Daan Rietman, the 21-year-old who has just finished his Mechatronics training, level 4 at the ROC Friesepoort in Emmeloord. Daan did a full-time internship at Waterman Onions for six months for his education and realised a pallet destacker. “The problem I was allowed to solve for Waterman was as follows: You have a huge stack of pallets that must be placed in front of the machine by the operator. How can we automate this so the machine starts working for the operator?”

Pallet destacker

According to Daan and his internship supervisor Bastiaan Buiting, the pallet destacker has saved much time. Such a great success. But the most crucial thing for Daan is that he also learned a lot from it. “My technical skills have improved; for example, Bastiaan and Ewout Wassink allowed me to learn how to weld. Thanks to Bastiaan’s direct and clear feedback, I was able to learn a lot when I got stuck, but also through reflecting on projects, I learned at the technical service to communicate more effectively.”

All in all, Daan can now proudly say that his technical insight and problem-solving skills have improved. “The quality of my end products is now much better. Handling tools is also much easier now.”

Technical service

In addition to the pallet destacker, Daan also helped with the automated lubrication systems. “I like the variety in work. In addition, it suited me very well that I was allowed to work on several assignments within the technical service. School often cancelled the practical lessons due to corona, so the focus was even more on theory, but in practice, you learn that the possibilities do not stop at what is in the books.” Now that Daan has finished his studies, he can entirely focus on his new job: “After my internship, I will continue to work at Waterman within the technical service.” Daan has a good tip for interns: “Be open, learn what you can learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions; everyone is happy to help you!”

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