“An eventful year in transport”

Our (Water) men from the expedition, Hessel van Helten and Jasper Meeuwes, look back on an eventful year full of challenges in transport and logistics. “Covid-19 has put everything on edge in the transport world” that corona has had significant consequences for the supply and export of products was not yet the biggest problem for Hessel.

“Especially at the start of the pandemic, you noticed that the logistics sector did not respond in time to the announced measures.” Hessel refers to the difficult situation that drivers had to deal with in March 2019. “Facilities that the drivers could not use could not drink a cup of coffee or a glass of water.” Jasper adds: “If the sector had switched more quickly, for example, by placing mobile units along the road, where drivers could go, it would have helped with the overall atmosphere within the transport world.”

Pleasant cooperation

Although the situation was challenging, Jasper and Hessel are very pleased with the communication “We get many of the same drivers from transporters, which works very well and results in a pleasant collaboration.” Waterman worked with several transport companies this year and has had a truck and driver Nico Bijland at disposal since this year. “The fact that we are now also taking steps ourselves with the purchase of our truck and trailers means that we can help our customers even better.”

The first year at the expedition

trailer truck waterman onions

It was certainly an interesting year for Jasper Meeuwes. The 29-year-old has completed his first year at the expedition. “The challenges are great and especially last-minute.” Jasper refers to the ongoing challenges with acquiring sea containers, but also the rapidly changing shipping schedules. “Having to switch quickly with the transporters, to change the production schedule, because the closing is earlier than planned, requires a lot of flexibility. Fortunately, thanks to good communication with the carriers and direct coordination with production, we can arrange this before closing.”

An eventful year

In the year that Jasper has been working at Waterman, he has not only learned a lot about all steps of loading, inspections, documentation, phytosanitary papers, transport, and container planning. But also, about his stress resistance, “Emergency jobs often come in between, and it is then a matter of properly prioritizing.” Even though this year can be called “moving”, the number of shipments has increased considerably. Hessel adds to his colleague, “Not only have we worked on shorter lines of communication with sales and production this year, but we also have double staffing on the expedition, which allows us to serve our customers and growers even faster and better.

Are you loading or unloading at Waterman?

Finally, the gentlemen have one more comment for all drivers: “Drivers are always welcome. We are always eager to help you! But if we ask what you are coming to load or unload, we understand that it will be onions.” 😉