Faia innovates with onions, garlic, and ginger

Faiafood Taste Innovators, WATERMAN Onions

Under the name Faiafood, Waterman Onions, Roussel Onions, Sawari Fresh International and Biesheuvel Knoflook have announced a far-reaching collaboration to develop innovative, surprisingly tasty food concepts based on fresh onions, ginger, and garlic.

The participants in the Taste Innovation consortium are Waterman Onions from Emmeloord, Roussel Onions from Belgium (specialist in processed onions), Sawari Fresh International from Barendrecht, and the North-Holland Biesheuvel Knoflook. The consortium introduced its products at Fruit Attraction in Madrid last week.

“Traceable and transparent production sources”

According to Erik Waterman, the combined innovative strength of the consortium makes it possible to develop innovative concepts in which health, vitality and taste will increasingly inspire consumers to cook adventurously. Waterman: “Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction makes it possible to exceed the commercial expectations of customers and the taste expectations of consumers. We can ensure traceability and transparency because we directly link our customers, especially progressive retailers and foodservice companies, with the production source. We also support maximizing our customers’ profitability and market share by building on the latest food trends.”

“The power of sustainability”

Charlotte Roussel of the same name company says that Faiafood wants to make a significant and measurable contribution to sustainability together with chain partners. “We will mainly focus on sustainable packaging, zero waste, climate-neutral production facilities, strict food safety requirements, and social projects close to the source. Every company has specific strengths in different aspects and sustainability. I expect that we will achieve particular sustainability objectives in the collaboration.”

The Faiafood team, Fruit Attraction, Madrid, 2021

“Indispensable seasonings”

Arie Havelaar and Sander Kleinjan of Sawari Fresh International have been making ginger and garlic mainstream for years. Havelaar: “We are convinced that our new products will soon manifest themselves as indispensable tastemakers in international cuisine. The modern (young) consumer in particular cooks ‘across borders’, and we see a clear increase in culinary-exciting cooking needs.”

“With Faiafood, we are creating a completely new product category”

Arjan Biesheuvel is one of the largest growers of fresh garlic from Dutch soil. Biesheuvel says the popularity of fresh garlic has increased dramatically, partly due to its unique flavour profile. “For years, we have been supplying fresh garlic as well as a range of processed products based on fresh garlic to specialist shops, the processing industry, retail and direct to the consumer. The collaboration immediately creates opportunities to develop our products and flavours further. In principle, we are creating a completely new product category for retail.”

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