Who are the men and women of Waterman?

 In this column, we introduce one of our employees by asking them a few questions about themselves. Why? Because we’re proud of our team! It’s their passion, knowledge and expertise that allows us to deliver onions of the highest possible quality: The Waterman Onion.

In this issue, we’ll introduce Phensri Schouten. The cheerful 47-year-old mother of three has worked at Waterman Onions as a full-time sorter for 16 years. The team has grown and changed a lot over the years, and Phensri says it can be challenging. “The differences in diversity and languages make communication difficult sometimes.” But it’s precisely that challenge that Phensri wants to help. “Showing new colleagues the way and explaining the work so that they can understand it is one of the fun things about working at Waterman.” The other challenge that the sorting team faces is the onions: “It’s exciting to bring the best onions to the customers when the new harvest comes in. The quality of the onions we receive from the grower is what determines the quality we can bring to the customer.”


Phensri doesn’t have trouble combining her hobbies of cycling and running with her work and family. “I alternate between running and cycling.” One day she’ll cycle for 40 to 95 kilometres, and the next, she’ll run between 8 and 17. “I train for long distances at the weekend, but I keep it shorter during the week.” The training has definitely had an effect, as we all saw at the Fish Potato event on 11 September, where she participated in the Waterman 4 Mile run. With a lightning-fast time of 33:10, Phensri can be proud of herself.

When we asked Phensri what areas she would like to grow in, she said: “I have much freedom in my work, so it’s easier for me to share my ideas, and I can see that the changes I suggest are actually implemented. I’d definitely like to do that more often.” Phensri aims to do everything in her power to help new employees get started, and she has a good tip for future colleagues: “If you have an open and helpful attitude, there are plenty of opportunities in the workplace.”

Would you like to join our sorting team? Then apply here for our opening. Or call, mail or app Klaske for more information: +31 6 53 56 87 78, klaske@waterman-onions.nl