Smart, fast, and simply more sustainable

Transport by water may not seem devious at first sight, but experience has proven that it is anything but. The innovative new partnership between transporter Maersk, container terminal CTU and Waterman Onions in the Flevokust Port that opened in the province of Flevoland in 2018 makes a big difference.


Waterman Onions Director Erik Waterman explains: “Waterman Onions was one of the very first users at CTU Flevokust, and we’ve benefited a great deal from the change. Until just a few years ago, we were completely unfamiliar with inland shipping, but we were not happy with all the traffic on the road and the long waiting times, especially at the Port of Rotterdam.

Transport over the water is simply a smart alternative to road transport. This partnership has made us more effective and allows us to help our customers faster than ever before. An important bonus is the fact that we’re now considerably more sustainable.”

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