A branch visit

It was a good ending to yet another productive work week. On Friday, 15 November, we welcomed almost 200 participants to the international Quality Inside Onion symposium at Waterman Onions.

The visit was part of a two-day event organised by De Groot en Slot. The company celebrated the 50th anniversary of its partnership with Bejo Netherlands and an anniversary of its subsidiary Broer B.V.

Onion specialists from around the world were invited to discuss issues such as quality in growing, storage and export of onions, innovations in the field of breeding, and onion processing. Naturally, they also took the opportunity to talk about the latest developments in the branch.

The Quality Inside Onion symposium was well-organized, and the visit to Emmeloord was an excellent end to the event. We were pleased and proud to have made a contribution to the symposium’s success.