Who are the men and women of Waterman?


This section will introduce you to one of our employees through several questions. Why are we doing this? We are proud of our team. With our passion, thorough knowledge, and experience, we jointly ensure that we supply the highest possible quality onions: The Waterman Onion.

We want to introduce you to 23-year-old manager Remco Venema. Remco started at Waterman Onions two years ago as a machine operator. Because this suited both sides so well, he was given the opportunity to grow. After a year, there was an opening in the combined position of planner and manager of the packing department, which was shared with colleague Jannes Dokter. “When Jannes indicated that he would like to focus on planning, I took on the role of manager of the packing department.”


“It is nice to think along with the organisation on a tactical level; in addition, I now have the opportunity to directly apply the theory from my MBO4 (senior secondary vocational education) training (manager in trade and commerce) in practice.” Indicates Remco when asked what he likes about his work. “In addition, my job is challenging, and I learn a lot in the field of process improvement and especially how we can do this best without affecting quality.” In addition to processes and machines, Remco’s activities mainly involve people. This factor is the most challenging for Remco. “I can still learn a lot from Klaske (HR) when it comes to conducting performance appraisals and resolving conflicts.”

Remco sees plenty of opportunities for himself to learn in his current position. Of course, not everything in life revolves around packing onions. Remco can be found in the gym three times a week to play korfball. “And once a week, I work out, and on the weekends, I have korfball matches.” He adds.

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