Cultivation season 2022: “Weed control seems quite a challenge this year.”

cultivation season 2022 - jelmer elzinga

After a challenging cultivation year due to wet periods, fungal (mildew) and a challenging storage period, the 2022 cultivation season has already started. In this new column, the buyer and seller of Onion seeds Online: Jelmer Elzinga, will describe what strikes him in the 2022 Netherlands growing season.

Onion sets

In the southwest of the Netherlands, the second-year onion sets have already been planted at the end of January or the beginning of February. “The onion sets have a good turnout.” Reports Jelmer. “Some plots show some wear and discolouration on the foliage here and there. However, many plots look very nice. Although, due to the drought, it might be necessary to do a second round of irrigation, depending on the soil type and the growth stage.”

The emergence of sowing onions
Teeltseizoen 2022 - plantuien

Sowing of the seed onions started in mid-March after an exceptionally wet February. “Unfortunately, we got snow at the end of March followed by lots of rain. Due to crust formation, this has caused considerable concern for growers who sow on loam and clay plots. Weeding, crust breaking, and irrigation were used where possible.” Indicates Jelmer. “At the moment, weeding seems to have had the ideal effect.

Provided that the timing and depth were right.” Furthermore, Jelmer indicates that the early sown plots take a long time to emerge. Moreover, the emergence of loam and clay soils is somewhat disappointing. Onions which were sown at the end of April also show emergence problems. “At the beginning of May, a few plots are even being reseeded because of the disappointing turnout.”

Teeltseizoen 2022 - zaaiuienWeed pressure

“Weed control seems quite a challenge this year.” Jelmer beholds that many growers are already concerned about the further course of the growing season. “Dryer weather, in combination with the disappearance of pesticides, does not reduce weed pressure. An attempt is made to suppress this with contact means. However, hoeing remains the best alternative, as the position is not entirely satisfactory.” Jelmer also sees challenges in preventing fungal diseases later in the season. “Prevention is the most important thing this year. A broad possibility for combatting has expired this year due to the loss of several resources. It is, therefore, more important than ever for growers to choose the right application moment.”