Geertje van Veen Weerman - Watervrouw in beeld - Werken bij Waterman

In this section, we will introduce you to one of our employees through several questions. Why are we doing this? We are proud of our team. With our passion, thorough knowledge and experience, we jointly ensure that we supply onions of the highest possible quality: The Waterman Onion.

In the spotlight of this newsletter Assistant Controller: Geertje van Veen-Weerman. The cheerful 28-year-old Geertje has been working at Waterman Onions for 1.5 years now. “I started at the administration in 2019, and I then progressed to Assistant Controller.” In this position, she is involved in preparing the quarterly and annual figures of Waterman Onions (and several holding companies). Geertje adds: “I also take care of the VAT returns, and together with my colleague, I perform various administrative activities for the purchasing, production and sales departments.”

The Waterman group

Moreover, Geertje’s activities within the Waterman group were expanded because new partnerships were created in the past year. “Luckily, the finance team has also expanded since I started,” says Geertje. “There is a good atmosphere within the administrative team and in any case in the office. They work hard, but there is also time for a chat and a joke.”

Career opportunities

When we ask Geertje what she finds interesting about finance, she says: “I find it genuinely interesting to see how people and companies handle their money. With friends, for example, I am always curious enough to ask about their finances.” What does Geertje like most about her job? “I think that that would be the work variety and the contact with colleagues and customers.”

With her background in accountancy, she had an excellent basis for developing into her current position quickly. “At the accountancy firm where I worked before, I dealt with a range of companies from the agricultural sector. In this sector, you are very dependent on the seasons and the market price, which is why I find this so interesting.”


Geertje’s ambitions to be able to develop further within her position are there; “I hope to keep learning every year. Fortunately, this is encouraged by Waterman. I still have a lot to learn, especially in storytelling (the story behind the numbers). In addition to her work, Geertje also has many (active) hobbies. “I alternate walking, swimming, cycling and running with watching series and reading.” Sitting still at home is not an option for the newly become mother.