Waterman Grean

‘Waterman Grean’ is Waterman Onions’ own interpretation of Lean. Working according to the Lean method means constantly focusing on optimising processes in order to eliminate waste.

“You can do that by collecting data on the various processes and departments to see how a department is performing. We then use that data to analyse what’s going well, and what could be done better to accommodate our customers’ preferences”, explains Arjan Dunnewind, Operations Manager at Waterman Onions.

He continues: “Then we want to seize as many opportunities as possible; from quick wins to solving complex problems. We want to create a culture in which we grab problems by the neck and constantly look for solutions together. With Waterman Grean, we aim to work on making structural improvements for our customers’ benefit!”

As Arjan explains: “That will require different knowledge and expertise from us Watermanners. So we’re now offering training courses. Under the leadership of Menno Dijkstra, Director and trainer at Greansucces, around 30 of our colleagues are currently being trained in the Grean method. We’ll really start implementing Waterman Grean in late February. We discuss our results, activities and projects together in the employee cafeteria every day. Everyone, from purchasing to shipping, will be involved in Grean and can make a positive contribution. Because we have to seize opportunities together!”

Together we’ll make Waterman Grean exceptional; for our customers, our employees and our company!