True champions

Like our onions, athletes are true champions. And like sports, our onions are extremely healthy for you. Waterman is therefore proud to support several local sports events.

Two teams from Waterman recently participated in a company football tournament in Emmeloord, for example. The goal was to score points to beat cancer, which is exactly what we did, through our sponsoring contribution, but also on the pitch. We played a good game, but didn’t quite reach the champion’s podium.

On Saturday, 25 August, we’ll also participate in the Noordoostpolder Triathlon; an amazing event for real sports enthusiasts.

And on Saturday, 14 September, we’ll be at the Fish Potato Run; the largest sports event in the Noordoostpolder, with more than 2,000 participants.

Sports and Waterman. Sports and Onions. A perfect combination. Both are active, and both are healthy. But don’t eat our onions just before you exercise, because that’s not always a good combination.