Trainees are always welcome at Waterman. Why? Because we enjoy sharing our knowledge and giving people a chance, but also because young people have an open mind and don’t (yet) see obstacles instead of opportunities. They can certainly learn a lot from us, but they also have a lot to teach.

For example, Electrical Engineering student Andy recently made a big impression. He was asked to find a way to reduce the amount of dust in the production hall. It wouldn’t be easy… Andy explains:

“There was a lot of dust in the distribution box, which could cause big problems during a power outage, because you’d have to clean everything before you could fix the problem. That would take time, and in a running production process time is money. So my job was to prevent the dust from accumulating in the first place.

And that’s just what I did. We created overpressure in the distribution box by means of a tube that blows air into the box. And it worked. Once we had the basic prototype, I could get started refining and testing the system, and then we fabricated it and installed it in the box. That was a great assignment, because it gave me an opportunity to do something important for the company.”

Andy has since completed his internship, and when asked what he enjoyed most, he mentioned the freedom and the opportunity to take the initiative himself. That’s what we call a ‘win-win situation’!