Much safer. More efficient.

“A logical flow in our process,” that is, according to Waterman Onions production manager Arjan Dunnewind, the result of the installation of the new machine in Hall #3. “The new big bag receiving machine not only makes the unloading process safer, but also a lot more efficient. In addition, the machine ensures cleanliness in the factory and a lot less headaches.”

“Previously it took both an enormous amount of work and space to first store the arriving big bags filled with onions, then pick them up again to place them on the conveyor belt that made sure that the onions were put in storage boxes. Now the big bag is placed directly from the sea container on a chain conveyor, after which the big bag unloader takes over.

One of the positive results is less forklift traffic and less lifting movements. The empty boxes are now supplied from a special storage. This storage is, on its turn, filled from the machine which semi-automatically loads the trucks in bulk. This way our smart logistics planning ensures that we minimize unnecessary driving around with empty boxes.”

Smart solution
The idea for this machine with conveyor belts and fully automatic control, came several years ago when the factory was expanded with a third hall. “Because of the extra space that our Hall #3 provides, we started thinking about smarter solutions for this process. We started calculating, together with VHM-Machinery and Tolsma-Grisnich, and came up with this complete and custom made solution.”

Safe and efficient
“It’s a great example of cooperation, if I say so myself. But above all, it’s another step towards an even safer and more efficient process. A process that we are continuously optimizing. We are incredibly satisfied and are looking forward to the next step!”