A special start

Imagine you have just started your new job and the Corona virus strikes big time. You were assigned to travel, to discover other markets and, above all, meet a lot of new people. But you are forced to stay at home for two months. It happened to Michel Veltman, Sales Manager at Waterman Onions since January 1st 2020.

“Initially it is, of course, very disappointing that you have to work at home just when you start a new position. But it offers opportunities. I was forced to do more myself and look at things a little bit differently. This actually created very nice new challenges and surprising new perspectives.”

A blessing in disguise for Michel was that he already knew the company very well. “As a sixteen-year-old student I had the best part-time job of all. I was a forklift driver at Waterman Onions. As a little boy I was often be found at my grandfather’s farm. There, as the oldest grandson, I drove the tractor at a young age. Working on the forklift truck at Waterman therefore, was a small step.”

Higher Agricultural School
After high school I started, in line with all expectations, with a study at the University of Agricultural. The opportunity to become a farmer and take over the family business was missing. Fortunately, I saw that there was so much more than being a farmer. The trade and sales attracted me and after my studies I first entered the world of seed potatoes. An interesting world in which I’ve enjoyed working in. But it was time to take a next step. In this world of onions, I see a lot of opportunities and possibilities. I can’t wait to go and get them.”

The Corona virus did not only leave a big mark on the daily work of the 27-year-old sales manager who is born and raised in Emmeloord. “My girlfriend and I were supposed to get married this spring and unfortunately we had to cancel that. But, it is a delay and certainly not a cancellation. Because that party is sure to come!”

Would you like to meet Michel? michel@waterman-onions.nl!