Certification offers added value for the future! 

We’ve heard a lot about GRASP and Planet Proof recently, but what do they mean for us? Many European retail companies require their suppliers to have both the Global Gap and GRASP certification.

GRASP stands for GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice. It is a risk assessment method for social aspects within a company, and ensures that an organisation can offer good working conditions and employership. GRASP certification is mainly intended for family firms, and it is relatively easy to apply for. GRASP certification is a supplemental module for the Global Gap certificate.

Planet Proof stands for sustainably produced products. The seal of approval is becoming increasingly common for vegetables, fruit, trees and plants. At the moment, Planet Proof mainly focuses on the Dutch retail market, but the European retail sector is also shifting towards a broader sustainability certification that will also include Planet Proof.

These extra certifications can definitely offer added financial and other value for the sale of your products! Feel free to ask Nathan Rommens (+316-30002712) or Jelmer Elzinga (+316-82537293) about the options available to your company.