The right timing

Choosing the right time to sow is not always easy. Many people, many opinions. Sometimes we want to be early, but not too early. What is certain is that we always aim for the best quality. Simply because the quality of our onions is the most important.

The first onions have been planted into the cold spring soil. Growers Jos and Bern Derks from Volkel planted their first batch on Tuesday 19 February, especially for Waterman Onions.

At this moment we see that the top layer has dried up nicely, but the bottom layer is still damp. The conditions are currently good for certain areas. The expectation is that most onions in the Netherlands will be sown by the end of next week (the second week of April).

Fam. Jansen from Stedum, Maickel Roost from Hunsel and Martijn Derikx from Ysselsteyn already have put some of their onions in the ground. The three growers grow for Waterman and have sown pink Crimsun and yellow onions. Now we have to wait. And hope for a good growing season!