Storage requires constant attention

For the most part, Dutch onions have been brought in under good conditions, but it has been a strange growing season. Structural challenges in the soil, drought, heat, hail, dust and a lot of precipitation at certain times – we have experienced just about everything this season. July and August were very strong growing months, so there were still reasonable yields. The average yield has fluctuated widely over the last few years.

Nathan Rommens: ‘We are seriously wondering whether the application of MH spray was effective this year. Already this year we’re seeing problems with dormancy, and the recommendation is to check regularly and set up a germination test. In addition, it’s important to continue monitoring skin quality constantly, as after January this will also present challenges with respect to storage. The sloughing off of onions can be recognised by cracks in the skin and/or cracks on the wreath.’

If you need help with your germination test, or would like assistance in checking your quality in storage, please contact Jelmer Elzinga (+31 6-82537293) and Nathan Rommens (+31 6-30002712). They’ll be happy to help!