Selling onions seeds

Planting onion seeds is and always will be something we do by following our gut feeling. Simply because of the fact that nobody has a perfect script. What is wisdom? That is the question. And the answer is only to be found at the end of the season, when we efficiently harvest our onions.

But. What we do know in advance, is that with the purchase of the right seeds we increase the chance of a good start. That is why Waterman Onions founded the online store:

Excellent in the world of onions
Our drive is to be excellent in the world of Onions. With we contribute in realising that. Our goal is simple. Achieving an even higher quality of the Dutch onion by selecting the right and best varieties of onion seed, providing the grower with tailor-made advice, by creating transparency on the market and thus guaranteeing a good price.

When it comes to onions. We have more than 20 years of experience. We have a large network and a great deal of know-how. We are happy to share all this with the Dutch growers in addition to our purchasing, sorting and selling onions.