uienzaad 2021 uienzaaien drone beeld Waterman Onions

Onions yearn for the sun!

This season’s Dutch onions are already in the ground. Uienzaadonline.nl has experienced some amazing growth since last year. Growers are excited about the concept, and with the short lines of communications we’ve experienced a fruitful and comprehensive collaboration. 

The sowing conditions were generally good this year, especially compared to the past few years. The soil structure was promising, and the onion seeds were sown into firm, moist earth. That will allow the seeds to germinate quickly, and it should hopefully provide a good harvest.

“The seeds need warmth above ground to sprout, but that’s lacking at the moment. And the amount of precipitation has been extremely uneven across the country”, says Nathan Rommens, buyer at Waterman Onions. Jelmer Elzinga, also a Waterman buyer, expects a good harvest: “Some fields still haven’t sprouted, but the number of seeds that have germinated so far seems promising.”

Would you like us to come visit? The buyers at Waterman Onions would be happy to come see your fields during the growing season! Jelmer Elzinga +31 (0)6-82537293 | Nathan Rommens +31 (0)6-30002712