Wim’s market update: Onion export season 2021-2022

onion export season 2021-2022 Wim Waterman

In this column, we give the floor to Wim Waterman. Familiar with all the ins and outs of the onion market, Wim gives a short update on what strikes him in the market. This week Wim talks about the rising transport prices and their influence on the onion export.

The traditionally busiest period of the export season is unfortunately behind us. Until the turn of the year, a magnificent quantity of more than 800,000 tons of onions has crossed the border. The amount is even excluding the considerable grey exports to Poland. An excellent achievement of which we can be proud. But this hymn has a black edge: “Unfortunately, as long as there is no shortage of onions, the price for the grower will not improve.” warns Wim. It is clear for this season that this certainly depends on the size and colour of the lot offered.

“We will have to do our best in the coming months to get rid of the onion mountain before the start of the new season.” continues Wim. ” A year ago, we exported 15,000 tons per week on average in these months. In 2022 we will have to go towards 25,000 tons of export per week to eliminate the onions present on the market.

Transport prices are rising for overseas destinations

There are certainly opportunities for the second half of the season, but the increased transport costs restrict the export of large volumes. “Onions from the Netherlands are currently relatively expensive for the customer.” Within the European Union, the transport costs are still manageable. Unfortunately for overseas customers, it is a different story. “For example, prices for container transport alone have increased by 50-100%.” The continuing imbalance in the transport world means that the means of transport are less present at popular destinations outside the EU. “This jeopardises the competitive position of the Netherlands in markets where the local product is freely available.”

The quality of the onions

“The quality of the onions in storage is very variable and requires a lot of checks.” That is why buyer Harmjan Hospers made a film especially for the growers about setting up a good germination test.” The video can be found here. Growers can find the written explanation HERE. Would you like to stay informed about Harmjan’s tips? Keep an eye on Waterman’s Instagram account for more updates, tips and tricks.